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Equality in staff recruitment and retention

Fair Recruitment Specialists

As part of UCL’s work on the Race Equality Charter, UCL has created a pool of highly-trained Fair Recruitment Specialists who will bring very valuable input into recruitment activity across UCL. The Specialists are volunteers drawn from UCL staff who identify as Black and Minority Ethnic (BME). This is in response to feedback from departments that it is often difficult to have sufficient ethnic diversity on panels, as BME staff are under-represented in certain roles and grades at UCL.

Work-life balance

UCL acknowledges that its staff are most productive when they have achieved a work-life balance that enables them to meet their responsibilities outside work. UCL Work-Life Balance Policy provides a framework within which departments can consider how best to enable staff to achieve an effective balance between work and life outside the workplace. 

Faculty annual appraisal survey

Following the introduction of faculty appraisal season in 2018, which runs from January until March, staff engagement with the appraisal process has vastly improved. By the end of the process, 94% and 91% of staff had received an appraisal in 2019 and 2018 respectively, compared to 80% in previous years.

We know there is still a lot of variation in the quality and efficacy of these appraisals and we are now focussing on improving appraisal quality and consistency across the faculty.

Equality in teaching and research 


B-MEntor is a cross-institutional mentoring scheme for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) academics and researchers, and Professional Services staff. Mentees can obtain career advice and direction, receive help with identifying and clarifying issues, problems and obstacles, source new ideas and practices, and gain the opportunity for networking across a broader spectrum than provided by the day-to-day environment.