Restorative Dentistry: Masterclass in Restorative Dentistry

  • 39 hours
  • 6 days (consecutive)


This six-day practical CPD course covers popular topics in restorative dentistry

It's held over six consecutive days (i.e. one full week) and includes close-support hands-on tuition every day.

The course aims to introduce step-by-step clinical procedures, materials and treatment planning concepts on the following topics:

  • Treatment planning and risk management
  • Occlusal records
  • Direct anterior composite restorations
  • Preparations for anterior veneers and crowns
  • Preparation of bridges
  • Endodontic and periodontal procedures
  • Planning for implant restorations
  • Replacement of missing teeth with fixed and removable prosthodontics

This course is run by the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London which has a broad range of continuing professional development (CPD) short courses. These provide hands-on training from experienced staff in dedicated facilities.

Course content

Each day will cover a specific topic with a specialist lecturer, and includes both seminars and hands-on training.

Day one - treatment planning
Day two - composites
Day three - crown preparation
Day four - endodontics and periodontics
Day five - replacement of missing teeth using removable prosthodontics
Day six - restorative implant dentistry

Who this course is for

The course is aimed at dentists at any stage of their career.

You may be:

  • an established dentist wanting to update your knowledge and skills in new techniques
  • a young dentist wanting to increase your range of clinical experience

You must hold an approved dental qualification.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should have:

  • an improved knowledge of the principles and practice of restorative dentistry, including direct and indirect restorations
  • an improved ability to carry out the practical procedures relevant in restorative dentistry
  • an improved understanding of the integration of different dental disciplines to produce predictable outcomes

Structure and teaching

You'll learn through a combination of lectures, interactive seminars, treatment planning sessions, as well as skills laboratory and clinic hands-on training.

There will be ample phantom head practice of clinical procedures and video demonstrations, as well as clinic practice of records and photography and a review of current literature.

CPD points and certificate

The course will give you 39 hours of verifiable CPD. You'll also get a certificate of attendance.

Quality controls

All Eastman teachers are experienced professionals. You’ll be asked to submit written feedback via a questionnaire at the end of the course, which is used to monitor the course's quality of teaching and value for money.


Please read the Eastman's refunds policy before booking.

Course team

Course team

This six-day course is run by a range of Eastman specialists involved in our postgraduate programmes, including:
• Neil Nathwani (Senior Clinical Teching Fellow, Restorative Dental Practice MSc)
• Peter Fine (Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, Restorative Dental Practice MSc)
• Pranay Sharma (Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, Restorative Dental Practice MSc)
• Rob Stone (Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, Restorative Dental Practice MSc)
• Tay Shiehfung (Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, Periodontology)
• Kunal Patel (Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, Endodontology)
• Dev Patel (Programme Director, Implant Dentistry PG Diploma)

Student review

Previous participants have said:

"Very relevant and inspiring."

"Excellent lecturer, very informative and approachable with questions."

"Excellent explanations of all aspects. Very good one to one learning."

"Very knowledgable lectures. Very useful practcal tips."

"Very helpful and approachable tutors."

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