Library Services


Study Space Availability FAQs

Questions relating to our seating availability information. Live seat availability can be found on the Library Services website and the UCL Go! app.

How can I find out the availability of study space on campus?

You can view real-time desk availability here on the UCL Library Services website. You can also access this information remotely via the UCL Go! app. Just click on the Study Space Availability icon. Here you can see the total number of desks in each library as well as how many are currently available. This data is possible thanks to devices that have been fitted underneath the desks and that detect when a space is occupied.

How do the devices work?

The devices fitted underneath desks use infra-red technology to detect human presence. The devices do not collect any personal data and cannot identify an individual. They simply provide us with an indication of whether the space is in use or available. This data is then fed through to a central dashboard and shared online and via the UCL Go app.  

If I leave my desk to take a refreshment break will it automatically show as available?

No. The study space can be inactive for 30 minutes before the device will indicate that it is free. If you intend to be away for longer than 30 minutes we kindly ask you to take your belongings with you to ensure other students are able to use the space.

How up-to-date is the availability information?

The desk sensors provide updates every five minutes. If a space becomes occupied, the numbers should change within five minutes. If a space is vacated, the above 30-minute rule applies. If you have left the webpage or app open, you may need to refresh the page to see the latest data.

What is the UCL Go! app and how can I access it?

UCL Go! is an application for students to access UCL University and Union information directly from their mobile devices. The app includes access to key information such as online timetables, library services, campus maps and UCL news. Visit the UCL Go! webpage for more information.

Can I also find out the availability of PCs on campus?

Yes. Simply click on the PC Availability icon via the UCL Go! app. Here you can see how many PCs are available in each building.