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Swedish Language and Literature

Letter Sub heading
Swedish studies generally
B Swedish language
Old Swedish language
C Swedish literature generally
E Medieval literature, to 1526
H Sixteenth and Seventeenth- century literature, 1526-1732
L Eighteenth-century literature, 1732-1809
N Literature of the Age of Romanticism, 1809-1880
P Literature of the Age of Realism and Naturalism, 1880-1910
Q Early Twentieth-century literature, 1910-1940
R Twentieth-century Literature from 1940
S Contemporary literature from 2000
XA Swedish culture in Finland generally
XB Swedish language in Finland
XC Swedish literature in Finland from 1809
Literature of the Age of Romanticism, 1809-1885
XQ Literature of the Age of Realism, 1885-1918
XR Twentieth-century literature from 1918
XS Contemporary literature from 2000
Z Miscellaneous works by Swedish authors