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Spanish, Latin American and Catalan culture and literature


Sub heading
A Spanish studies generally
B Spanish language
C Spanish literature
D  Medieval literature, to 1490
F Literature of the Golden Age, 1490-1700
J Literature of the 18th century
M Literature from 1800 to 1898
P Literature from 1898 to 1936
R Contemporary literature, from 1936

Latin American studies

Letter Sub heading
XA Latin American studies generally
XB Spanish language in Latin America
XC Spanish-American literature generally
XD Literature of the Conquest and colonial period, 1492-1808
XJ Literature of the Independence period and after, 1808-1910
XR Contemporary literature, from 1910


Letter Sub heading
A Catalan studies generally
B Catalan language
C Catalan literature generally
D Catalan literature (arranged by author)