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French Language & Literature

Letter Sub heading
A French studies generally
B French language
BM Old French language to 1500
C French literature generally
CB Belgian literature
CH French-Swiss literature generally
CQ French-Canadian literature generally
E Mediaeval literature to 1500
H Renaissance literature, 16th century
J Early 17th-century literature to 1660
K Literature of the age of Louis XIV, 1660-1715
L Eighteenth-century literature, 1715-1789
M Literature of the Revolution and Empire, 1789-1820
N Literature of the age of Romanticism, 1820-1850
P Literature of the age of Realism and Symbolism, 1850-1900
Q Early 20th-century literature, to 1940
R Later 20th century literature, from 1940
Literature from 2000
W French African and Caribbean literature

Provençal language and literature

Letter Sub heading
XA Provençal studies
XB Provençal language
XC Provençal literature generally
XE Mediaeval Provençal literature to 1500
XH Modern Provençal literature from 1500