Library Services



Store service information for visitors who are not a UCL student or member of staff.

Covid-19: Store service for visitors suspended

Due to current restrictions, visitors are currently unable to visit any of our libraries. Please only request Store items if you are a UCL student or member of staff.  

We advise visitors to request the material they require prior to their visit. This can be done via the store request form. Requests can also be submitted in person at any library Enquiry Desk. However, it should be noted that all items take 24 hours to arrive from our Essex store, Monday to Friday.

Requests will be available for collection between 3 p.m. and 4.30 p.m. the next working day depending on which site you have chosen for pick-up. All library site locations and directions can be found on our website.

All items will be held for 3 days. We are happy to extend the holding period providing we are contacted by the reader.

When submitting a request please leave either a telephone number or email address where you can be contacted. If there is a problem with the retrieval of your request we will endeavour to contact you prior to you visit.

Visitors may need to arrange to get a reading ticket when they come in to consult the item. We advise readers to check the access policy with our Membership Services prior to visiting the library. A membership fee is charged in some circumstances.

If a visitor has to make a special journey to reach the Library they are advised to contact the Stores Service first to ensure that the material has been retrieved by emailing librarystoredesk@ucl.ac.uk or phoning 020 7679 7971.