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Impactstory is a not-for-profit, web-based service that creates a researcher profile and can be used to track the impact of articles, datasets, posters, slide decks, software products and webpages. The site offers a 30-day free trial and, after that, makes a charge for continued use. The Impactstory software is open source.

Researchers can create an Impactstory profile and upload publications to the site by:

  • Importing citations and more from GoogleScholar, ORCID, Figshare, GitHub, Slideshare and other sources
  • Entering a PMID, digital object identifier (DOI) or URL

Impactstory tracks citations, saves, views, and discussions from sources such as Scopus, Mendeley, PLOS, Twitter and Figshare. As well as viewing altmetrics, researchers can also see a geographical distribution of the impact of their research.

Profiles can be viewed openly on the Web, although the site cannot be searched either by author or by publication title.

An example profile can be viewed on the Impactstory site.