Library Services


Support for students undertaking dissertations and research projects

29 March 2021

Library Services has developed a guide to library resources and support for undertaking dissertations and research projects.

Desk with work items on it; laptop, notepad, pen

Dissertations and research projects provide an opportunity to focus on a question that enthuses you, with the freedom to plan and conduct your own research. As an independent researcher, you’ll be responsible for finding, selecting, evaluating and managing all your research sources. This guide has been especially designed to pull together areas of library support and resources, and other academic support services, which are relevant in this context, regardless of disciplinary background or subject area.

Along with FAQs, the guide includes information on:

  • Literature searching - Online guidance and support on how to do a literature search.
  • Sources and resources - Guidance on different types of sources and resources, including for your subject, and how to find and access them.
  • Research methods - Subscribed and openly available resources on research methodologies.
  • Referencing and reference management - Guidance on how to reference your sources and reference management tools available to you.
  • Writing and digital skills - Support for writing skills and digital skills available from other UCL support services.
  • Further help - The best ways to contact us for help, including e-mail contacts and booking online appointments.