Library Services


Phishing email purporting to be from Library Services

18 November 2019

Please be vigilant of emails asking for personal information. A phishing email purporting to be from Library Services claiming that library enrolment is set to expire has been sent to some accounts and asking people to click a link.


The advice from UCL Information Services Division (ISD) is only respond to emails and click on files or url link attachments if you are sure that it is something you are expecting or need to look at. If you think you have recieved a phishing email, report it. The team has initiated deletion of this email from the recipients’ mailboxes and the sender’s address has also been added to the blacklist. This does not mean that the threat has diminished. Attackers are now getting better at disguising phishing emails. Not only do they look legitimate, but the emails are passing inspection by anti-spam filters so there are often no warnings attached.