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UCL news round-up

8 December 2017

UCL Library Services regularly appears in articles on the UCL News website. Below are some of the recent highlights we thought we'd share.

Books on shelves

Love your library - a whistle stop tour of UCL's libraries

As a UCL student you can access all our libraries (just remember to take your card with you). Each library has a distinct character - from the more traditional to the ultra-modern, so you can find your ideal spot to study.

Library of the month: UCL SSEES Library

From myUCL Student Journalist Robert Vilkelis

Do you like the sound of a lifelong community? How about one-of-a-kind letters from the pens of historical leaders? If this has you leaning forward, you might soon find yourself setting foot inside the library of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES).
Join Head Librarian Lesley Pitman, and let's get to the heart and soul of the home of Slavonic and East European studies.

5 ways your views and ideas are shaping UCL

At UCL, we want you to collaborate with us as partners and take an active role in the UCL community. Your feedback helps us make changes for you and future students in the same way previous students' feedback helped make some of the changes you have seen during your time at UCL. Changes such as, scrapping the graduation fee, amending the Extenuating Circumstances policy and longer UCL Careers appointments.