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A new look for the UCL Eastman Dental Library

13 November 2014

Through autumn 2014 we've made improvements to the UCL Eastman Dental Library, including a new space for group work.

Group work pod in Eastman Dental Library

Over the last few months, the library of the Eastman Dental Institute and Hospital has been having a bit of facelift: for one thing there's a nice new carpet which has replaced the very blue one that had been there before; we've got modern task chairs which should make our users' hours of typing out their essays a little more comfortable; more casual seating means people can work collaboratively as well.

New pod

One of the biggest additions though has been the introduction of a pod: this is a room within a room, allowing our users to do group work or have a private meeting within the library. It's got an air-circulation system to manage the temperature, as well as variable lighting for different sorts to suit your needs. It's available for booking, making it ideal for regular tutorials or supervisor meeting. It's surprisingly spacious and while it's got four chairs and a table as standard, this hasn't proved a limitation for people: indeed, the record occupancy is held by a group of student dental therapists who managed to fit 9 in!

Future work

While it's a big step forward, it doesn't stop here - we're already working at refurbishing the silent study areas in the library to make sure they best suits our users' needs.