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Information on available apps that extend upon our e-resource provision by improving services for mobile devices.


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BrowZine is an e-journal browsing service that allows our journal collection to be browsed in an easy and intuitive way on mobile devices. It is also available as a web service called BrowZine Web.

It offers a simple entry point to view journal titles, either by title search or by browsing titles by subject category; the ability to create your own bookshelf of regularly read titles; the option to save articles for later offline reading; receive notification of new articles; and options to export content to bibliographic management tools.

The majority of our scholarly journal content is available in BrowZine, with an emphasis on current content. Archival access is generally available back to 2005, with ongoing developments to extend this.

Please contact the E-resources team if you require any further information or assistance with Browzine.

FT Apps

FT Apps

As part of UCL's Premium Digital subscription to the Financial Times, users can benefit from mobile and tablet access via the FT apps: the FT Web App for iPad and iPhone, the FT Android App, and the FT Windows 8 App.

For the FT Web App for iPad and iPhone simply open the browser on your iPad/iPhone and navigate to http://app.ft.com. To enjoy full access even when you are offline, add the app to your home screen by tapping the share button and select the 'Add to the Home Screen' icon.

The FT Android App can be downloaded instantly from Google Play either on your device or from your desktop.

The FT Windows 8 App can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

The FT apps are all free to download and access to FT content is possible from up to 5 different devices at any time. They are fully integrated into UCL's FT digital subscription so all you need to do is log in using your existing FT username and password to begin reading - this is the username and password of the account you created when you first accessed the FT via the Library website and were asked to register.

If you have not yet registered, access the FT either:

  • via Explore, selecting the available from publisher option in the SFX@UCL menu; or

Both of these routes will prompt you to login with your UCL userid and password on the UCL single sign-on screen. You will then be asked to register on the FT website and set a password. You can use the credentials you create when you register to authorise the FT app.

More information about the FT apps is available.

Please note - The FT requires that users revalidate their accounts every 90 days via UCL's Single Sign-on screen; this will happen automatically if you access the FT via Explore or the A-Z list of databases at least once every 90 days. Once the revalidation has been completed, refresh your account settings on the FT app by logging out and logging back in.