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The Colour of Spring

07 May 2019, 6:15 pm–8:00 pm

Fragment of a Mediaeval Manuscript showing an excerpt from the Miss Pro Defunctis, or Mass for the dead.

Featuring a talk on how coloured light can reveal hidden secrets in Mediaeval manuscripts, a history of the educational movement the Woodcraft Folk, and displays of original material from UCL Special Collections.

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Vicky Price – UCL Special Collections


Haldane Room
Gower Street

The Colour Of Spring will be held in the Haldane Room of UCL Wilkins Building on Tuesday 7th May, 6:15pm to 8pm.

The evening’s programme will comprise two talks, a display of a range of materials from UCL Special Collections, and a selection of wine, soft drinks and nibbles to get the evening off to a relaxing start!

A Colourful Heritage: Multispectral Imaging Manuscripts and Rare Books from UCL Special Collections

Multispectral imaging involves capturing images of an object illuminated in ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. Capturing images in different colours, including light that is invisible to the human eye, can reveal features on the books which cannot usually be seen. This talk by Cerys Jones, final-year PhD student in Medical Physics at UCL, will present a brief introduction to multispectral imaging in heritage and show several examples of recovering lost features on manuscripts and rare books in UCL Special Collections.

Politics and Pedagogy: How I made use of the Woodcraft Folk Archive

Rich Palser, a retired Further Education lecturer, is currently writing a book on the history of the Woodcraft Folk in the inter-war years which draws heavily on the organisation’s archives now held at UCL Institute Of Education. He will be talking about the archive’s relevance to his own interest in the relationship between politics and pedagogy, but also suggesting ways in which the archive may be relevant to the research of others.

We are also pleased to present to you a colourful interlude: a short film from our Conservation Department will illustrate the challenges of repairing a 1970s concrete poem with hundreds-and-thousands.

This event is open to anyone over the age of 16.