Library Services


UCL Library Services Annual Report 2008/09

Notable acquisitions

UCL Special Collections acquired two significant collections this year, both from individuals with a long association with UCL - Professor Peter Ucko and Seton Sinclair Eustace.

Ucko archive

The Ucko archive was received in April 2009. Peter John Ucko (1938-2007) had a long association with UCL, latterly as Professor for Comparative Archaeology and Director of the UCL Institute of Archaeology from 1996 until 2005. The bequest consists of 12 boxes relating to his teaching and research on a wide range of topics, along with several thousand photographic slides and some film. It is hoped that further material that is currently being used by former colleagues will eventually be added to the archive.

Eustace donation

An earlier donation to the Phonetics Collection at UCL was relocated to UCL Special Collections in March 2009. The donation from S.S. Eustace (1930-2007), who gained the Diploma in Phonetics and who was especially interested in pronunciation and spelling reform, consists of some 200 antiquarian dictionaries, dating from the 17th and early 18th century onwards. There has been considerable interest in this collection from academics in the UCL English, Phonetics and Linguistics departments, as it represents and important resource for research.

International Community Eye Health Centre

The Joint Moorfields Eye Hospital & the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology Library acquired the collection of the departmental library of the International Community Eye Health (ICEH) Centre collection. Although the ICEH is now based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in former years the department was at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, making this a valuable addition to the stock of the Joint Library.