Presented at various workshops and talks which the LBS team have given, we have exhibitions available for public display, focusing on specific parts of Britain and their connections to slave-ownership. Each exhibition consists of 5 panels, measuring 80cm by 160 cm. The panels can usually be supplied on laminated paper which can be attached to walls or display boards using velcro or drawing pins. If you would like to host an exhibition, please contact us.

All the regional exhibitions contain the same three national panels, followed by two additional regional panels which are specific to a local area. The three national panels are: 1 the slave trade; 2 life in the colonies; 3 slave-owners in Britain. Areas covered for regional panels so far are: Scotland, Devon, the Midlands, Manchester, Croydon and Wandsworth. A further exhibition on Bloomsbury and slavery contains four regional panels.

The panels are also available to download as pdfs, and can be printed for use in an educational setting. They are most suitable for colour A3 printing.

The slave trade
Life in the colonies
Slave-owners in Britain

Scotland and slavery 1 / Scotland and slavery 2

Devon and slavery 1 / Devon and slavery 2
See also Papers to the Exeter workshop, 2015

The Midlands and slavery 1 / The Midlands and slavery 2
Manchester and slavery 1 / Manchester and slavery 2

London and slavery:
Slave-owners of Bloomsbury 1 / Slave-owners of Bloomsbury 2 / Slave-owners of Bloomsbury 3 / Slave-owners of Bloomsbury 4: George Hibbert
Croydon and slavery 1 / Croydon and slavery 2
Wandsworth and slavery 1 / Wandsworth and slavery 2

Additional teaching resources:
In addition, we have lesson plans, Powerpoint presentations and background notes available as part of our Local Routes/Global Roots website.