Robert Westley Hall

???? - 1834


Father of Robert Westley Hall Dare MP and grandfather of Robert Westley Hall Dare [both of whom q.v.].

  1. Will of Robert Westley Hall of Ilford Lodge Essex proved 01/05/1834. Under the will he affirmed the £400 p.a. annuity to his 'present wife' Margaret late Margaret Maitland under his marriage settlement of 1804, and left further annuities, amongst them £300 p.a. to his daughter Elizabeth (wife of Thomas Harpur [sic] King) while Elizabeth's daughter Eliza remained unmarried (if Eliza married, the annuity diverted to her); £50 p.a. to his sister Elizabeth Catherine Helliman the widow of Anthony Helliman of Flushing in Zealand in Holland; and £300 p.a. to Maria Johanna Hazelwood widow of Nathan Hazlewood late of the colony of Demerara. He left his estate of Maria's Pleasure to his son Robert Westley Hall Dare.


  1. PROB 11/1831/232.

Further Information

(2) Margaret Maitland
Robert Westley Hall [Dare]

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Father → Son
Grandfather → Grandson
Testator → Legatee
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Maria Johanna Haslewood nee De Codin was Robert Westley Hall's stepdaughter, the daughter of Hall's wife Maria by her first...
Father-in-law → Son-in-law
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Robert Westley Hall's daughter Elizabeth Catherine married Thomas Harper...
Other relatives
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Thomas King's son Thomas Harper King married Robert Wesley Hall's daughter...

Addresses (1)

Ilford Lodge, Morland Road, Ilford, Essex, South-east England, England