Maria's Pleasure

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- 1803 [EY] → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1834 [EY] → Owner
1834 [EA] - 1836 [LA] → Owner
1836 [EA] - 1837 [LA] → Heir

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£14,452 14S 1D

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[Name] Maria's Pleasure  

In the will of Thomas Hussey of Essequibo he left his sisters Catherine Hussey and Antoinetta Hussey £7000 each and his sister Eliza Hussey £6000, to be paid to them as soon as his estate called Maria's Pleasure on the Island of Wakenham [sic] was clear and free of debt, which he said would be when the mortgage due Mr R.W. Hall was paid off, which (he said) would be in the year 1806.

PROB 11/1388/26
[Number of enslaved people] 350(Tot) 163(F) 187(M)  
[Name] Maria's Pleasure  

R.T. Hellemann atty of R.W. Hall prop.

T71/397 M5 2119
[Number of enslaved people] 289(Tot) 135(F) 154(M)  
[Name] Maria's Pleasure  

In lawful possession of Robert Westley Hall by his attornies R.T. Hellerman and G. Warren

T71/418 1928-1934
[Number of enslaved people] 299(Tot) 150(F) 149(M)  
[Name] Maria's Pleasure  

Belonging to Pln Maria's Pleasure in lawful possession of Robert Westley Hall.

T71/432 1511-1518