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Developing cutting-edge techniques for crowd-sourced and automated transcription

Developing cutting-edge techniques for crowd-sourced and automated transcription, unlocking archival records of all kinds

Two pages of a Bentham manuscript

The Bentham Project runs Transcribe Bentham, a world-leading participatory transcription initiative (26,155 manuscript pages transcribed by volunteers from around the world as of April 2021). Through participation in the international READ (Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents) consortium, Bentham Project researchers have used volunteer-produced transcripts in order to make use of, and help train, the handwritten text recognition (HTR) technology powering the Transkribus platform, which is developing rapidly to enable transcription of all manner of handwritten records. The READ Consortium won a European Commission Horizon 2020 Impact Award, and Transkribus now has over 50,000 users (February 2021).

Transcribe Bentham
Transcribe Bentham
is an award-winning crowdsourcing project that enlists the public’s help in transcribing Jeremy Bentham’s words for the 21st century

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