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Making an impact

Individually and in collaboration, experts from UCL Laws develop insights relevant to the great challenges facing the world

Hazel Genn - Access to Justice keynote

The Faculty has a longstanding reputation for high-quality legal research with real world impact. Our research has had far-reaching influences on the development of government policies, national and international laws and legal principles, and contributed to improvements in justice policy, court procedure and legal practice, as well as fostering public debate and understanding of the law and legal rights.

We use our research in this way because what goes on in universities is intimately connected to the real world. As such, achieving impact through our expertise and research is one of the many ways in which we express our social value, by helping to address the world’s most pressing problems.

Find out more about our world-leading research projects that have had lasting impacts on law and society, and the researchers behind them, through our impact case studies.

Shaping the world

These case studies showcase the breadth of ways that experts from UCL Laws are shaping the world in which we live.

2014 Case Studies

The UK government conducts a periodic quality exercise of research in universities known as the Research Excellence Framework (the ‘REF’). In the last REF in 2014, UCL Laws submitted the following six impact case studies for assessment. All of these were judged as being either world-leading (five of the six) or internationally excellent (one of the six).

Paths to Justice: reshaping the public's access to the judicial system

Paths to Justice (PTJ) is a landmark body of survey research that has transformed our understanding of, and government policy on, the legal needs of citizens

Torture Team

Torture Team is a research project that has directly influenced legal proceedings and investigations into the treatment of suspected terrorists

Trial by Jury

The UCL Jury Project’s ground-breaking research on the jury system has directly influenced government and judicial policies and practices.

Enforcing Environmental Regulations

Professor Richard Macrory’s research has directly influenced government policy and practice on environmental regulations, enforcement and sanctions

Appointing and Training Judges

Research by Judicial Studies in the UK has led to changes in the appointment and training of national and international court judges

Transcribe Bentham

Transcribe Bentham is an award-winning crowdsourcing project that enlists the public’s help in transcribing Jeremy Bentham’s words for the 21st century