Information Services Division


Chief Editor's responsibilities

NEVER put sensitive or private information e.g. applications with personal data, on your website, whether it's restricted to certain groups or not.

Even if the information is not linked to/from a web page, it will reside on a server and this will NOT be secure.


  1. Keep up-to-date with any changes / improvements made by Digital Presence (DP) by attending WebNet.

Access for Editors / Authors

  1. Keep track of who all the Editors / Authors are as well as other Chief Editors.

    1. If one of your Editors / Authors leaves, please revoke their rights in the Access tab.
    2. Before you give Editor rights to people, check if they have attended Silva training.
    3. Provide access to any new Editors and Authors on your site.
    4. If you leave, please inform Web support and nominate a new CE.

Take note

  1. NEVER copy and paste large folders, esp. not during working hours; instead ask Digital Presence to do this for you.
  2. Check your site(s) regularly for broken links, copyright and data protection issues. You can add a link-checker 'add-on' from Firefox to help you look for broken links.
  3. For internal links to your own website, please avoid using absolute links i.e. http://www.ucl.ac.uk/blah - it's better to use so-called relative links i.e. you use 'get link reference' when making a link.
  4. We suggest you set up a mailing-list with all the Editors and Authors of your site so you can contact them easily.
  5. We suggest you set up a termly meeting with all Chief Editors, Editors and Authors to discuss what needs changing on the website, based on changes in the business strategy, user-feedback and stats from Google.