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Microsoft Campus Agreement

The purpose of this Page is to enable all UCL Staff to have quick and easy access to information on the Microsoft Campus Agreement. If and when changes are made to the Microsoft Campus Agreement, this Page will be updated.

What is a Microsoft Campus Agreement (EES)?

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is an annual "subscription" programme for Higher Education Institutions. It enables University College London to run a number of Microsoft applications for an annual fee based on the total number of eligible Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff in the institution. 

When does the Campus Agreement start?

The Campus Agreement is renewed each September. This means that software under campus is permitted on all College owned machines and for Work at home rights for staff. There is however no provision for student use although students will be able to access the software on the Managed System Desktop @ UCL Anywhere and through Office 365 on OWA.

What products are Included? 

The standard Campus Agreement enables UCL to use:

(PLEASE NOTE: there are no SERVER products included within the Campus Agreement)

Please note: we have not included the add-on options of Visio or Visual Studio.net because of cost implications. These will have to be purchased under the Select plus agreement as individual licences.

What about New Releases?

Latest releases for the products above are free to use as they are covered under the campus agreements.

You can download the software from the software database for use on UCL machines.

What is a CAL?

CAL stands for Client Access Licence this is a kind of software licence to allow clients computers to connect to its server software and use the software's services. There are different types of CALs:

  • Per Seat CAL - you need a separate CAL for each unique device (or user, if applicable) that accesses the server to avail of services such as file or print or to run Microsoft server applications.
  • Per Server CAL - With Per Server licensing, a specified number of CALs are associated with a particular server. The number of devices that can legally access that server simultaneously is limited in Per Server licensing to the number of CALs purchased for that particular server.

More information on CAL can be found on the Microsoft website

Replicating Campus Agreement Software

You are not permitted to replicate Campus software for staff home use or personal computers, please see section 10 below regarding staff home use.

Please destroy any media once you have installed the product. If you have downloaded an ISO file you can mount the file instead of burning it to disk.

How to acquire other Microsoft products

It is necessary to note that the Campus Agreement does not include all Microsoft products. You need to purchase these products as before from the IT Purchasing team. We will have a select agreement with Microsoft that gives us discounted Microsoft products. 

For availability/pricing, please see search for your product on the software database pages. Alternatively, please Contact Us.

Microsoft's "Upgrade/Downgrade" Policy

The annual fee paid under Campus Agreement enables you to use the most current version of the licensed products. It also covers you for any future upgrades of those products during the term of your Agreement. You can use any previous versions of this software.

Windows Upgrade

The Campus Agreement allows UCL to reinstall or install an upgrade or downgrade version of any Windows operating systems on any UCL computer with an existing OEM or retail Windows operating system licence, or on an Apple Mac.  Self-built PCs do not qualify unless a valid Windows licence was purchased with the hardware components.  The Campus Agreement allows Mac users to install a copy of Windows on their computer using Parallels or Fusion.  More detailed information on the use of Microsoft software on Macs is available from the Microsoft website, in which the sections relating to users with Software Assurance apply.

Home Use by staff

Microsoft software from the Software Database should not be used on a personal machine

A selection of Microsoft software is available for Staff home use

Student Use

Students can use the software on any machines, owned or leased by University College London that reside on the premises. Students are not permitted to have copies of Campus Agreement software at home.

Students can get Office 365 for home use via the OWA web site:

Activation Codes and downloads

Microsoft Software can be downloaded from UCL Software Database.

We only give out Microsoft keys on request and only when the equipment will not be registered with UCL’s network for more than 90 days. We recommend in most cases you activate using the instructions, within each product on the software database.

Technical Support

As with other Microsoft licensing programmes, Microsoft does not provide technical support to users at UCL. The Servicedesk can provide limited assistance for products forming part of its services and they can be contacted on ext 25000 or email IT Services.

What happens when the Campus Agreement expires?

We will renew the agreement all the time it is giving best value to UCL.

Further Information

You can obtain further information relating to the Microsoft Campus Agreement by contacting the IT Purchasing team.