Information Services Division


Oracle FAQs

Q. How does UCL licence Oracle?

Oracle is licensed in two ways:

An Oracle Campus licence exists that includes:

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Database lifecycle Management Pack
  • Web Logic Suite
  • tuning Pack
  • Diagnostics Pack
  • Partitioning

We also purchase products separately as well, for further information on other products please contact us

Q.  What is the Oracle Campus Agreement?

The Oracle Campus Agreement is an agreement that covers UCL for unlimited use of the product for the following use:

Administrative, Teaching, research or community service functions of the licensed Institution.

Q. How to I use the oracle campus agreement

This product can be downloaded from

Q. Where can the software be installed?
A. Software can only be used on UCL machines
Q. If I wanted to purchase other products where can I go?
A. Contact us
Q.  Can I get a database set up for me?
A. Yes please contact the IT Services or speak to your CRM.