Information Services Division


Microsoft FAQs

Q. What is on the UCL Microsoft Campus Agreement?
A.View the UCL Microsoft Campus Agreement
Q.  How do I get hold of Microsoft Software not on the Campus Agreement? 
A. UCL holds another agreement with Microsoft called the Select Plus Agreement. This gives UCL Microsoft Software at a heavily Discount rate compared to Retail. All this software can be obtained via us.
Q. Can I just get a CD with Microsoft Word?
A. You can install Word from the office version you have downloaded.
Q. How to do I get hold of the Microsoft Campus Software?
A. You can download Campus software from the Software database web pages.
Q. I want a product added to the Microsoft Campus Agreement?
A. Send an email to IT Purchasing and we will take it into consideration the next time the agreement is up for renewal.
Q. Can I give students a copy of the software on the campus agreement? 
A.Under the Campus agreement you can't. Students can buy discount software for more information go to our student software page, or your department can set up an agreement with Microsoft for an MSDN academic alliance for a minimal fee. This gives Students access to software not on the campus for unlimited use by students and staff. Students can get more free software from Microsoft DreamSparks
Q.  Can I give a copy to staff to take home and install? 

Staff only, can get one copy each of Office, Project and Windows upgrade software from UCL on the Hub or download Office 365

This software is still for work purposes only and needs to be uninstalled if you leave UCL.

Q. Can I install Windows on a Mac using Parallels, Fusion, VirtualPC?

For UCL Machines.

Yes you can, you will need to use a Windows full installation and not the upgrade.

For Personal Machines

Yes you can purchase the Windows OS from the UCL on the Hub.

Q.I have built my own PC, can I install Windows under the Campus agreement?
A.Unfortunately you cannot, the PC must already have an OEM or Retail Windows Licence. You can reinstall Windows onto a PC or Mac as long as it has an OEM or Retail Windows Licence.
Q. I don't have a Windows key how do I activate the product?
A.Please see the installation instruction on the software database for the Windows version you need.
Q.I don't have an Office key how do I activate the product?
A.Please see the installation instruction on the software database for the Windows version you need.
Q. Where do I get this media from for use on UCL machines?
A.All media is downloadable from the software database web pages. If you don't have access to download a product it is probable because you don't have a licence for the product. You will need to follow the how to order instructions.
Q.How do I licence Server Products?
A. We recommend you contact us with the following information

Number of physical servers
Number of VM's on each physical server
Number of processors and cores on each Server

Microsoft's minimum licence core count per server is 16 cores and 2 processors.