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Q. What agreement does UCL hold with ESRI UK? 
A.UCL holds a Site licence for use within the UK
Q.  What is included in the site licence?
A. Educational Site Licence Desktop GIS Concurrent Use & Single Use · ArcInfo · ArcEditor · ArcView · ArcGIS extensions § ArcGIS Spatial Analyst § ArcGIS 3D Analyst § ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst § ArcGIS Publisher § ArcGIS Schematics § ArcScan for ArcGIS § Maplex for ArcGIS § ArcGIS Network Analyst § ArcGIS Tracking Analyst § ArcGIS Workflow Manager § ArcGIS Data Reviewer Server GIS · ArcGIS Server – Advanced Enterprise · ArcGIS Server – Advanced Workgroup · ArcGIS Server extensions: § 3D § Geostatistical § Network (no data included) § Image § Workflow Manager § Schematics § Spatial · ArcGIS Tracking Server (Software available by request only. Implementation Services are not included) · ArcIMS (version 10 only) Developer GIS · EDN for Education (by request only) Mobile GIS · ArcGIS Mobile · ArcPad for teaching and research use only. (Administrative use requires the purchase of a separate Administrative Use Licence.) Business GIS · ArcLogistics with TomTom North American and European Data for teaching and research only. (Note: TomTom Data may only be used for Teaching and Research only. Administrative use of the data requires a commercial data licence.) Other GIS Software · ESRI Production Mapping · ArcView 3.x Products (by request only) § ArcView 3.x for Windows § ArcView 3.x extensions; ArcView Spatial Analyst, ArcView Network Analyst, ArcView 3D Analyst, ArcPress for ArcView and ArcView Tracking Analyst Unlimited Premium Virtual Campus Annual User Licence
Q.  How do I get the virtual training codes?
A. Please look at this page for the code you want: Esri Academy and then contact us
Q. Can I use this software on my home PC?
A. Yes, you can download from the software database pages, but you must uninstall when you leave UCL.
Q.Will the ArcGIS licences expire?
A.Yes the current licenses will last until 2017
Q.How to do access ESRI UK online maps?
A.Go to the ESRI website and register
Q.How can I use ArcGIS outside of the UK and Ireland?
A.Please fill in this request form