Information Services Division


Controlling Access to Project Spaces

We control access to project spaces using centrally managed groups of users. In the process of registering a project we request that a group be created containing all the members of the project; the group name will be of the form:




We then set the permissions on the project storage space location to limit access to this group only. The project space PI will be informed of the name of this group.

I'm the project space PI, can I have people added or removed from this access group?

Yes, if you are the project space PI/primary contact and want to provide someone access, please send us an email to our support email address (researchdata-support@ucl.ac.uk), providing us with the following information per person:

  • Name
  • UCL email address
  • Preferred contact email address
  • UCL user ID

If you would like to have someone removed, please just let us know the name of the individuals.