Information Services Division


Review of web-based survey tools

The functionality of these tools was very similar. None of them seem to pay much attention to the respondent interface or visual impact. The main emphasis is on ease of production and data collection and features such as integration with email lists.

NameVisual impactSpecial featuresData capturePricePrivacy/security
ZoomerangNot as appealing as Survey Monkey.  Navigation rather clunky, questions and instructions not clearly differentiated, unattractive font

Survey programming service;

Sample survey respondent service;

Survey translation service;

Can send reminder and check response status of respondents.

Results can be downloaded into spreadsheet

Basic sub FREE (same as above);

$350 p.a. or $99 for three months - unlimited surveys and unlimited responses

No reference on website to Terms and Conditions, security or confidentiality
Survey GoldBetter than Zoomerang but not as good as Survey Monkey.  Rather monotonous and uninteresting.  Couldn’t try navigation

Can be used on paper, phone or web;

Numerous features

Exportable to SPSS, Excel, dBase, HTML, Data Interchange Format,  tab-delimited text

30 day free trial

Individual licence $199 (one user, unlimited responses);

No additional charges

Promises will NOT use IP addresses, cookies or other unique identifiers, or share data
Advanced SurveyHard to say as cannot review without signing up

Account based system, can be used by anyone with an email address;

Email and web surveys

Downloadable as delimited text, XML or for statistical analysis

Basic account FREE (unlimited questions/ surveys/ responses);

Enhanced account $20.83 per month

As above.  Some ambiguity in privacy statement