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Learning design

The Online Learning team can empower staff to design engaging and effective online courses using established and innovative pedagogies, tools, and development processes.

The term ‘learning design’ is often used interchangeably with or alongside many others, such as instructional, educational, and curriculum design, and its definition, notably in comparison to these distinct types of approach, could be debated at length. Broadly, however, learning design is concerned with the choices we make having thought about all the different parts of a teaching and learning experience, spanning things like learning outcomes, the teaching methods and assessments we plan to use, and how and where we expect learning to take place, e.g. online, in person, or a blend of the two.

How we can help

The Online Learning team has a small learning design function to help UCL staff make informed decisions about the types of content, learning activities, and assessments they use and the sequence they might take in online courses. To do this we use educational theory and research from UCL and beyond, established, practical, and engaging design processes such as ABC Learning Design, and tools like the UCL IOE’s Learning Designer. Our approach is viewed as a partnership where you will both ask and answer a lot of questions and develop skills and understanding you can use again in future.

To find out more and speak to a Learning Designer please contact the UCL Online Learning team at extend@ucl.ac.uk.