Information Services Division


Getting Started

Accessing Yammer for the first time

When you first launch Yammer, you will be prompted to specify colleagues who you work with closely.

To add a colleague, enter their UCL email address within the provided field and select 'Done'. Once completed, close the prompt by selecting the cross icon within the top-right corner of the window.

Note: If you do not wish to add a colleague, select the cross icon within the top-right corner of the window to close the prompt.

Add a coworker within Yammer…


Groups can be created to provide a central space for a project or event, to start conversations, upload files or provide updates.

Using Groups

Like, Praise and Mentions

Likes can be used to indicate you agree with someone's idea, acknowledge you have seen their message or let someone know you enjoyed their post. Select 'Like' beside their post to send them a notification.
You can also Praise someone to compliment them on their recent work or activities. At the top of the Yammer group page, select the ‘Praise’ option and specify who you would like to mention.
Mentioning someone within a post will notify the individual that they've been tagged. Use Mentions to bring a post to someone's attention. To mention someone within your post, type '@nameofcolleague' (e.g. @Bloggs, Joe) and select the correct individual from the provided drop-down list.

Keep up to date with Following

Following someone will send you a notification each time that individual submits a post. You can also follow a topic which will notify you of all posts tagged under that subject. To follow an individual, search for the required user and select the 'Follow' icon on their profile page. To follow a topic, search for or select the topic tag beneath a post and select the 'Follow' icon on the topic's homepage.