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SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

A web-based collaboration and storage space. Used to create, edit and share content between colleagues. Ideal for collaborating on upcoming projects or as a location to document operational tasks.

Features include:

  • Content accessible anywhere online.
  • Upload existing documents or create new documents directly within your library using the Office Online suite.
  • Edit documents at the same time using co-authoring.
  • Generate lists of data with customisable views and columns.
  • Share documents with colleagues outside of UCL.

OneDrive for Business is a web-based collaboration space designed for personal use, such as sharing a file with an individual. UCL staff and students are allocated 1TB of storage space.

Types of SharePoint site available

SharePoint Online offers a number of different service levels depending on business use. The table below defines which SharePoint option is best suited to host your information:

Site TypeBest Used For
Microsoft Teams with SharePointProvides team based persistent communication, including audio and video conferencing. Includes a SharePoint page and other applications such as Planner and OneNote. 
SharePoint Communication SiteRecommended where the message is more tightly controlled. There will be only a small number of contributors but potentially a wide audience. 
SharePoint Hub SiteA design is required to understand your longer term requirements and how Hub sites will work for you.
SharePoint Team SiteWhere you don’t want or need real-time communication functions and the additional features of MS Teams.
Can add more granular permission models to items, files, folders and pages.
OneDrive for BusinessSuited for ad-hoc collaborations.
Linked to your personal account, when you leave UCL data is removed.

Requesting SharePoint

Please read the SharePoint Request page before requesting a site to determine which option is suitable for your requirements.

Help and Resources

Visit the SharePoint Online Portal for support documentation and available features.