Information Services Division


Remedyforce request details

Information about what to provide when asking web-support@ucl.ac.uk for help with a website.

We would be grateful if you could supply us with the following information when requesting support from us via web-support team.

Service Request

  • Please tell us if this is an urgent request (e.g. website is down, important article not showing in feed)
  • Is this ticket related to another ticket? Please give ticket number
  • If you want access to Drupal, please ensure you log in first so we have your details; ask your Senior Editor to email us with the role you will have and the URL of the site

 Description format

  • URL of the content with issues and ones without if relevant
  • Description of issue and steps taken to resolve
  • Screen shots of any errors
  • Browser used and Operating System (PC or Mac)

Other information

  • User IDs of any users that are having issues (e.g. logging into password-protected area)

Providing us with the above information will help increase the turn-around time of tickets.
Thanks you!