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Rationalising the UCL web estate - help us identify site owners - 9 May 2024

9 May 2024

UCL has a very large number of web pages, web-based applications and personal web sites. Our main corporate websites are hosted on our web content management platform (Drupal) and are curated and managed. These sites all have designated site owners and are under active management. 
However, there are also a large number of other web sites and applications (about 1500) that are hosted on a shared web hosting platform by ISD on behalf of individuals, research groups, collaborative projects and researchers. Many of these have been in existence for decades and have limited management and oversight.  
There are financial and environmental impacts, and reputational and security risks with keeping these sites running.  
We need your help to identify the web sites we should keep, those that we need to remove, and help to bring the ones you want to keep, up to date and under clear ownership and management for the future. 
From 31 July we are planning to shut down and decommission the shared web hosting platforms within ISD, and we are reaching out to UCL as widely as possible to find the owners of these sites to identify those that should remain active and need a new home.   
Please use the following form to identify sites you own that are hosted on the shared web hosting platform. Sites may include personal websites, blogs and all websites or web-based applications managed under ucl.ac.uk outside of the Drupal platform: