Information Services Division


Switching to sleep mode and reducing our carbon impact

2 March 2023

We are always looking for opportunities to reduce our energy consumption at UCL. As part of our efforts we’ll be making a change to how power to Desktop@UCL computers is managed across campus.

This month, March 2023, we will be introducing new energy management settings for our computer workrooms and computers in lecture theatres and teaching spaces. 

We estimate that this should save around £500 per day, as well as reducing our carbon emissions, so it’s a worthwhile step to improve our sustainability and help reduce costs. 

From 15 March, we will be changing the settings on PCs so that after 40 minutes of inactivity the computers in workrooms will go into sleep mode. In lecture theatres and teaching spaces the computers will go to sleep after 130 minutes.  

If you have left your PC unattended, you just need to move the mouse or use the keyboard to bring it back to life. 

We are interested in hearing of any concerns or questions staff may have in relation to this planned change before we roll it out across UCL. Please contact a.peacock@ucl.ac.uk if you would like to find out more.