Information Services Division


Desktop@UCL laptop users and password updates while homeworking

2 April 2020

If you are using a Desktop @ UCL laptop while working from home and you need to change your UCL password you should do so after completing the usual process via myaccount.ucl.ac.uk

Once you have updated your password you should follow these additional steps in order to ensure your new password is synchronised down to your laptop:

  1. Connect to the UCL VPN: Open Cisco AnyConnect from the start menu, click Connect, enter your UCL user ID and the new password and click OK.
  2. Once connected, lock your laptop either by pressing Windows Key + L or via Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  3. Login again to unlock the device using the new password. This will trigger the new password to be saved locally on the laptop.
  4. You may now disconnect from the VPN if you no longer need to be connected.

Until these steps are carried out, you will need to continue logging into your laptop with your previous password and some functionality such accessing the S: drive over the VPN may not work.