Information Services Division


Information Governance Training & Awareness Service

All members of UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS) who manage highly confidential information, including principal and chief investigators, staff, students, senior managers, and even those who just supervise people who directly handle confidential information, and support staff who do not have direct access to data, are expected to undertake annual training on handling highly confidential information.

As of October 2018, anyone with an email address which ends '.ac.uk' can register themselves for the approved training. Trainees will need to register for and complete NHS Digital’s Data Security Awareness Level 1 course provided by e-Learning for Health. The course covers data security awareness, the law, threats to data security, breaches and incidents, and the General Data Protection Regulation. Completion of the course will be sufficient evidence of basic information governance training to handle highly confidential information under the SLMS Information Governance Training Policy.

The Training & Awareness service will independently retrieve some results of training from e-Learning for Health, though only for those who list their organisation code as 'EE133902 - University College London' (not a department name or partner organisation). This will occur once per week, after which trainees' up-to-date training will be recorded in the SLMS IG training register (a UCL login is required to access the training register and users may see their own records and records of their employees only). If your organisation is registered as anything other than 'EE133902' then you will need to upload a certificate or screenshot with your name and the date your training was undertaken (UCL member's login required) as we will not be able to retrieve the results for you.

As stated above you can register for NHS Digital's Data Security Awareness course by clicking here.

If users wish to they can register a colleague (or colleagues) for NHS Digital's Data Security Awareness course here. The Training & Awareness service will upload details of registrations to e-Learning for Health and up to a week later, registrants will receive their login details from e-Learning for Health (from sender address no.reply@e-lfh.org.uk).

If training has been completed by a user who is external to UCL and you need to notify us of this please upload a certificate or a screenshot with the name and date the training was completed visible (UCL member's login required).

Exceptions to these requirements:

If you have had NHS-provided information governance training in the last twelve months and can show a certificate of this, please send this directly to itforslms-training@ucl.ac.uk

Any queries in relation to undertaking information governance training should be forwarded to itforslms-training@ucl.ac.uk.