Information Services Division


Use a supercomputer for intensive analysis

Suggestions on a range of high performance compute resources, and training courses, available to researchers.

A range of platforms are available for computationally intensive research, especially:

  • Legion, a general-purpose cluster
  • Grace, designed for large parallel analysis

For further information such as other platforms, support, user guides, technical specification, how to access etc, please see the Research Computing Services wiki.

A range of training courses are available, such as Unix shell, high performance / throughput computing, software carpentry, and python, please see the Research IT Training page. Further training options available on Digital Skills Development, e.g. R, and SPSS. And your UCL account has access to Lynda.com where you find further training resources, e.g. scripting, R, Python, Excel and Java.

Please contact us if you have queries and we can chat about what you intend to do and how to set up your work on these platforms.