Information Services Division


Integration Platform Team

The API & Application Integration Services team is responsible for the standards and practices around integration. They manage EASIKit, the Enterprise Application & Service Integration Toolkit.

The Integration Team - formally known as API & Application Integration Services (AAIS) - in ISD is responsible for the underpinning standards and practices with which systems and services are integrated at UCL. Integration in this context meaning the movement and reuse of data and functionality between systems. For example, the ability for a website like InsideUCL to display and change MyHR data like absence.

However, rather than developing those integrations within the team, AAIS have created and manage a toolkit which facilitates development by service owning teams. This allows teams to own and evolve the way that they produce and consume data as per their needs and increases the flexibiltiy of those teams to respond to changing demand.

That set enabling documents, community groups, training programmes and technical components and templates is the EASIKit - the Enterprise Application & Service Integration Toolkit. It is a combination of support material and software building blocks in Python and Terraform, aiding teams build and deploy reusable serverless integrations, currently in AWS and in future, Azure, UCL's Cloud providers.

The team consists of six members, across the Platform Ownership, Delivery Management, Technical Leadership and Development roles.

The AAIS team
Alexis NelsonPlatform Owner
Monika PladaitAgile Delivery Manager
Partha NathTechnical Lead
Amit KhanDeveloper
Billie DartnellDeveloper
Samuel HardimentDeveloper

AAIS can be contacted via e-mail at isd-integration-services@ucl.ac.uk for further information about anything from integration to other things to do with integration.