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What's on the desktop screen?

Icons on the desktop

Computer icon

You will have access to the central Filestore @ UCL drives, e.g. N: (personal storage) and S: (department/shared group storage). As well as devices such as removable storage e.g. USBs and CDs that you may be using.

Computer icon…

Fig 1 – Computer icon

Internet Explorer icon

This is Microsoft’s web browser software. Mozilla Firefox is also available as an alternative under Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox.

internet explorer icon…

Fig 2 – Internet Explorer icon

My Documents icon

This icon gives you quick access to your files on your Filestore @ UCL N: drive. All users will have access to their personal N: drive by default.

My documents icon…

Fig 3 – My Documents icon

The Start menu and Quick Launch Bar

Quick launch and start menu bar…

Fig 4 – Start menu and quick launch bar

This bar at the bottom of the screen will give you quick access to default programs such as:

  • Internet explorer
  • File explorer
  • Windows Media Player – for playing video and audio files

It also contains the Windows Start menu button which gives you access to your software, applications and other tools. More information on using the start menu can be found on Microsoft’s website

Customising your desktop

There are a series of how to guides available to help you tailor your desktop to your requirements:


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