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Using the teaching station in lecture theatres

All the large lecture theatres has a teaching station (lectern) which gives you access to the computing, lighting and AV facilities in the rooms.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff
  • Visitors


Types of UCL teaching stations

There are a variety of different teaching station, but they all function in the same way.

Getting help during your session

Every room has a telephone with a pre-programmed button to call the IT Services. Using this service will put you to the top of the queue for the next available analyst.

  • Once location and nature of issue are confirmed a technician will be dispatched.
  • IT Services will then continue to seek issue resolution via call.
  • Technician call out cancelled if there is a successful resolution via the call.
Wearing the microphone

 If the teaching station has a 'lipstick-type' wearable microphone then please use it as it facilitates:

  • Voice reinforcement
  • LectureCast (lecture recording)
  • Induction loop systems for the hearing impaired

Remove the microphone from the charging dock and clip it onto your clothing. The microphone will work after a few seconds. A green flashing light indicates the microphone is working.

After use return the microphone to the charging dock.

To turn on the Audiovisual (AV) equipment
  1. Use a firm touch on the small panel on the teaching station to wake the control system.

    Home screen…
  2. Touch the panel again to access the controls.

    Menu screen…
  3. When you select an input source the projector/main display will turn on
To use your own laptop

Connection types

VGA connection

VGA connection…

All teaching stations have a VGA connection for connecting a laptop

HDMI connection

HDMI connection…

Teaching stations that have been recently upgraded will additionally have an HDMI connection for use with newer laptops.

How to connect your laptop

  • Connect your laptop using either the VGA or HDMI lead.
  • If you require audio playback from the laptop connect the 3.5mm jack lead into the headphone output of the laptop (not needed if using a Windows laptop via HDMI).
  • If the teaching station only has a VGA connection press the LAPTOP button on the touchscreen panel. If the learning space has both connections press the VGA or HDMI button the control panel accordingly.
  • To connect an Apple laptop will require an adapter from the Mini-DisplayPort connection fitted on MacBooks. These are not provided on the teaching stations, but maybe borrowed via the IT Services if required.
  • To connect a Windows laptop with only an HDMI connection to a teaching station without HDMI you will need an adapter which can be borrowed via the IT Services.

More information on using your own laptop on campus

To use the PC
  • Select the PC icon on the control panel
  • If the PC image is not projected/shown on the monitor ensure the PC is turned on by checking for a green light on the PC (located in the equipment rack) and the monitor is turned on (blue light in the bottom right corner of the monitor)
  • Log onto the PC using your UCL credentials or the guest login facility

The PC in the room runs the Desktop @ UCL Windows 7 desktop. There are a number of guides for using this service.

Mirroring the laptop display

If the laptop display does not show on the main screen follow these steps.

Windows laptops

Look for the displays icon on one the function keys

Hold down the Fn button and tap the appropriate function key until the image shows on both the laptop and the projector. Alternatively you can hold down the Windows button and press P.

Apple laptops

  • Hold down the CMD key and press the F1 function key
  • If the laptop doesn't appear to recognise that the projector is connected try unplugging and replugging the display adapter
To use the video player to play optical discs

Touch the DVD button on the control panel. The type of video player provided currently varies as VHS is phased out. The optical disc players provided can play most types of disc including:

  • UK Blu-Ray
  • UK DVD
  • CD audio discs

Standard playback control buttons will appear on the control panel.

To use the document camera

If the document camera arm has been lowered raise the arm fully using the light grey tab on the arm.

Document camera…

Press the power button on the document camera and then touch the DOC CAM button on the control panel.

Please do not write directly on the document camera baseboard.

Further training for using UCL teaching facilities

If you would like training on how to use a UCL teaching station please send an email to IT Services to request a UCL teaching station induction session.

Related guides & other info

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Help & Support

For further help and assistance you will need to contact the IT Services.


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