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UCL Central Filestore: Adding your Home (N:) drive to an iPad or iPhone

Guidance on how to add your UCL Home (N:) drive to an Apple iPad or iPhone machine so that you can access your UCL files and documents.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Students
  • Staff

Before you start...

  • An Apple iPad tablet or iPhone connected to eduroam Wi-Fi service
  • You need to have downloaded a Samba-capable file browser from the Apple Store (e.g. File Browser)

Please note: UCL is not responsible for any third-party apps that are listed here.


  1. Go to the following web page which will inform you of your unique home drive folder path:

The following page will display:

UCL Data Store Access - Enter User Name…

Fig 1. UCL Data Store Access – Enter User Name

  1. In the User name text box enter your own UCL user ID which is 7 characters long e.g. uczzrt0 and click View Instructions.
  2. Under the UCL Home (N:) Drive tab you will see some information about the UCL home drive.

Your UCL Home (N:) Drive folder path…

Fig 2. Your UCL Home (N:) Drive folder path

  1. Under 'Your personalised connection paths are:' highlight the path under For other operating systems (Mac, Linux or Mobile): which will start smb:\\AD.UCL.AC.UK\ and end with your 7 character userID for example smb:\\ad.ucl.ac.uk\home0\uczzrt0\ and copy it to your clipboard. Alternatively make a note of this as you will need it later in this process.

Please note: The letter “0” after home. You should substitute it with the last letter or number of your username

  1. In your Samba-capable file browser (e.g. File Browser) connect to your path from step 4.
  2. Supply credentials:
  • Username: your UCL user ID e.g. uczzrt0
  • Domain: AD.UCL.AC.UK
  • Password: enter your UCL password

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