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RDSS / Myriad Data Storage Transfer Service

This guide outlines shows how to transfer data between RDSS and Myriad

Before you start...

  • This is a first iteration of the service and there are further improvements that can be made as the usage of the service grows.  
  • Please be aware there may be some slower transfer speeds as more users make use of the service.  We will be monitoring it and improving the service as required.
  • Data transfers can be done in either direction using cp or mv commands as you would normally on any Linux system
  • We suggest using cp rather than mv to make sure there is a copy on the original storage as RDSS is backed up.


  1. Login into myriad 
    ssh username@myriad.rc.ucl.ac.uk


  2. Once you have logged in to myriad you then need to ssh to the transfer02 node
    ssh username@transfer02


  3. The RDSS is mounted on /mnt/gpfs/live/<project name>, and accessed in the same way as through ssh access on the RDSS. Myriad's storage is mounted in the normal location. Please see an example of changing directory to a RDSS project below.
    cd /mnt/gpfs/live/ritd-ag-project-rd0000-djhan08/


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