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Pre-Login VPN Connection Guide

This guide explains how to connect to the UCL VPN before logging in to a Desktop@UCL device. Also know as Pre-logon VPN connection.

These steps should be followed if attempting to logon to a Desktop@UCL device for the first time when you are in a remote location.

1. Connect the device to you home Wi-Fi by clicking on the Globe icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

desktop at UCL globe icon

2. Click on the Network sign-in icon to open the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client

desktop at UCL network signin icon

3. Ensure the VPN address reads vpn.ucl.ac.uk/Prelogin and Click Connect

cisco anyconnect dialogue box

4. Enter your UCL User ID and Password ensuring your user ID is in the format UserID@ucl.ac.uk then click OK

cisco anyconnect login box

4. You should now be able to login to the laptop with your UCL User ID and Password



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