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How to Create a Visitor Record in the Services System

The following steps will take you through how to set up a visitor record in the Services System.

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  1. Login to the Services System.
  2. Select Create a new visitor link from the menu options.
  3. The Create a visitor screen allows you to  check if the person already exists and has a UPI.  Enter as much information as you know; UPI, Forename, Surname, D.O.B and then press Search.
  4. If there are any results, then a table of results will appear below the search fields. If the visitor exists press the open button, otherwise press the Create Visitor button.
  5. Complete the fields on the Create Visitor & Visit screen and click on the Assign UPI button. This will check once again to see if there is an existing UPI.  If one exists click Assign, otherwise click Generate New UPI.


Create Visitor and Visit…

6.  Click continue to go to the second Create Visitor & Visit screen and enter the details.  Please note either the email address, home telephone number or the mobile number must be entered.

Create Visitor and Visit2…

7.  Click continue to enter the next screen. Here you can enter the type of visitor from a list of values. You also need to enter the organisation/department relating to the visitor.

Note: The organisation is restricted depending on your access rights.

Create Visitor and Visit3…

8.  Press continue and you will see a summary of the information and then click the CREATE VISITOR button.

Create Visitor and Visit4…


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