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How to check computer hardware

This guide explains how to check Computer hardware in SNOW

This guide explains how to check Computer hardware in SNOW.

This guide is aimed at...

  • IT Administrators

Before you start...

You will need a SNOW userid, to access this product (this is not your UCL userid)

Chrome is not recommended for adding agreement in SNOW


1. When you log into SNOW you will arrive on the Home page showing either a default (Snowboard) or custom dashboard (if created)

SNOW Homepage…

Fig 1 - SNOW Homepage

2. Computers are accessed by clicking on the computer drop down tab > List all computers

Computer List…

Fig 2 - SNOW List all computers

3. In the list all computer screen, you can search for a machine under a column heading.

Computer Search…

Fig 3 - SNOW Search

4. The first tab of the Computer form is the Application tab, this is where you can view the following:

  • Application installed on the machine
  • Number of applications
  • Number of users
  • Cost of software installed
  • Last scanned date
  • When an application was last used
  • Average time the application run
  • Number of time the applications have run.

Computer Form…

Fig 4 - SNOW Computer Form

5. The users tab shows you the users that have logged into that machine. Giving you the last date and how many times.

Computer Users Tab…

Fig 5 - Computers Users Tab

6. The Hardware tab, shows you all the hardware information of that computer.

Computer Hardware Tab…

Fig 6 - Computer Hardware tab

7. The Computer Information tab will give you information on how long the computer has been metered.

Computer Information Tab…

Fig 7 - Computer Information tab

8. The Computer Financial tab is where you can view the cost of the machine and the cost of software on that machine.

Computer Financial Tab…

Fig 8 - Computer Financial tab

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