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How to add a Visitor association for a pending staff record

The following steps will take you through how to set up a visitor record in the Services System for a pending staff association.

Services System manue page
  • Click on "Find a person" and the following screen should appear

Find a person menu
  • Enter the UPI.  The UPI should be the same one from the HR DT (Departmental Transaction) system
  • Click SEARCH 

There should be one result appear below the search fields with the name details of the record that was added to the HR system. The department will appear as University College London as the system doesn't know which department they should be in.

Services System search results
  • Click OPEN.

The Person Details page will appear

Services Syste person details


  • Scroll down the page to the “Person Visits[-]” section 
  • Click CREATE 

A new window to “Create a new visit” will appear 

Services System create visit
Enter the following fields -
  • Visitor Type - Enter the visitor type as “Associate Staff” 
  • Organisation – Choose the department they will be in 
  • Start Date – Filled in automatically as today’s date. This can be changed to a later start date if required.
  • End Date – Enter an end date for this temporary visit. Recommend end date would be a month later.
  • Click SAVE 

Once the visit has been added, you can then request an account.

Requesting an account

In the Person Details section at the top, on the right side there should now be some services to request. If there aren't any options there, then you can refresh the page (F5) or search for the person again.

Click on “REQUEST” next to the Central Computing Services

Services system request services options

A request for an account will be sent to the system and a User ID will be available the following day.

Note - The “Pending HR action – Staff" entry will be removed from the Person Visits section once a HR record has been added.


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