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How to Activate OriginPro for offsite use

This guide explains how to activate OriginPro downloaded from UCL Software Database.

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Before you start...


Activating Origin Pro 2017

1. Once Origin Pro is installed you will have 7 days to activate by requesting an activation key and completing the Origin Pro Activation Key Request Form


Fig 1 - Attention

2. Once you click on the above request form link, You will need to log into your OriginLab account. if you do not have one, you will need to create one using your ucl email account


Origin Lab Login…


Fig 2 - Origin Lab Login

3. Once logged in, click the Request button and an email containing a Product Key will be sent to you from info@OriginLab.com

Click Request button…

Fig 3 - Click Request button

Thank you for requesting Product Key…


Fig 4 - Thank you for requesting Product Key

Email from info@OriginLab.com…


Fig 5 - Email from info@OriginLab.com

Once r4ecieved, enter the received Product Key and click Activate

Enter received Product Key…

Fig 6 - Enter received Product Key



Fig 7 - Success

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Activating Origin Pro 2016

  1. When you load up Origin Pro and you haven't activated the software the below needs to be followed.
  2. Choose "Get a license file online now. This computer has internet access." Click OK.

Origin Setup: Obtain licence file screen…

3. The Origin Computer ID will be displayed along with the installed Origin serial number. Click OK.

Origin Setup: Licence details screen…

4. A web browser will open create an origin pro account with your ucl.ac.uk email address.

Origin Setup: Login screen…

5. You will be asked to enter an access code which is found in the serial key field.

Origin Setup: Access Code screen…

6. On completing of the Login/Join process, a license file will be generated and displayed on the web page. It will also be emailed to you. Copy (Ctrl+C) all the text displayed in the Your FLEXlm License File text box.

NOTE: The license file is computer specific and can only be used for this computer.

Origin Setup: Licence File copy screen…

7. Go back to Origin software. The Enter License dialogue box will be displayed. Paste (Ctrl+V) text into the Enter License dialogue box.

Origin Setup: Licence File Paste screen…

8. An attention message will be displayed stating: License file successfully updated. Click OK.

Origin Setup: Activated screen…

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