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How to access the Windows desktop on Desktop@UCL Anywhere

As well as accessing individual Apps you can also access a full Windows desktop.  The method of access is slightly different depending on the access method you are using.

This guide is aimed at...

  • All users

Before you start...

It’s recommended you do not use a smartphone to access the full desktop as the screen resolution is not optimised to access a full desktop.


Full Desktop from Web Access

To access the desktops available click on the Desktops icon from the menu at the top of the screen

Favorites, Desktops or Apps menu…

Fig 1 - Desktop@UCL Anywhere icon
Depending on your browser or your settings you may see a message similar to the one below appear:

Allow browser access to Desktop @ UCL Anywhere…

Fig 2 - Allow browser access to Desktop @ UCL Anywhere

Click Allow/Open. If there are any further prompts then click the option to Allow access.

The Windows desktop will now load

Desktop@UCL Windows desktop…

Fig 3 - Desktop @ UCL Anywhere Windows desktop

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