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Desktop@UCL First Time Login Guide

Following the steps in this guide when you are logging on to your new Desktop@UCL device for the first time.

This guide is aimed at...

  • Staff

Before you start...

  • UCL UserID and Password
  • You will need a Desktop @ UCL computer

It is advised that when logging on to your laptop for the first time you do so whilst onsite and connected to the UCL network.

1. At the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click the globe icon and connect the laptop to the UCL Eduroam Wi-Fi. Login using your user ID in an email format eg: (userID@ucl.ac.uk) and password

desktop at UCL globe icon

2. Once logged into Eduroam, log into windows using your UCL ID and password.
3. It is important that you log into the UCL VPN before launching any Office 365 apps to allow for Office activation. On your desktop, in your system tray, click on the VPN icon to open the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and click on connect.

CIsco VPN Icon

4. If you receive and error, then amend the VPN server address to vpn.ucl.ac.uk/Prelogin as shown below and when prompted, enter in your UCL User ID and Password.

cisco anyconnect login box with prelogin address

cisco anyconnect login box

5. Once you have logged into the VPN, it should say connected when hovering the mouse over the icon.

Cisco anyconnect connected

6. Check to see if you can access your N: and S: Drives.  In the main taskbar on your laptop there will be a folder icon. Click on the folder icon as in the image below.

Window Explorer Taskbar

7. Check to see that your documents and folders are present.

Explorer S and N Drives

8. Finally, launch Outlook and Teams to check if they are loading your profile as expected.



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