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Create a Private Meeting or Appointment in Outlook 2016 for Windows

Create a private meeting or appointment.

Making a meeting or appointment private makes the contents of the meeting only visible to the following individuals:

  • The organiser
  • The attendees invited (if a meeting)
  • An individual with specific permission to view private entries within your calendar (such as a Delegate). 

Anyone else who has the ability to view your calendar will see the subject of the meeting listed as 'Private Appointment' with a padlock icon against the calendar entry.


  1. Select New Meeting (or if you are not inviting attendees to the calendar entry, select New Appointment). Within the Tags group on the top ribbon of the meeting, select the Private icon (displayed as a padlock). Add the required information to the calendar entry and select Send (or Save when creating a new Appointment).

    Fig 1. Private icon within a New Meeting

    Fig 1. Private icon within a New Meeting
  2. Once the meeting or appointment has been sent or saved, navigate to the entry within your calendar. If the entry was made private, a padlock icon will now be displayed beside the subject.

    Fig 2. Private Meeting or Appointment created

    Fig 2. Private Meeting or Appointment created


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