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Create a meeting in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

To schedule a meeting, you create an invitation that you send to attendees. Responses to your invitation (e.g. accept/decline) will appear in your Inbox.

Before you start...


1. In Calendar, click on New event within the top left corner.

2. Fill in the necessary information for the meeting:

Add a title: Subject title for the meeting.
Invite attendees: Type in the name or email address of attendees to search within the available contacts lists (such as the Global Address List (GAL) and your personal Contacts). Select the correct result to add the individual to the attendees list.

Date, Start and End time: The day and time of the event.
All day: If the appointment occurs all day, select this toggle to on.
Repeat: Select from the drop down list how often this appointment is repeated. If it is just once then select Never.
Search for a room or location: Type the location of where the meeting occurs. If you would like to add a bookable room to the invite, enter the name of the room and select the correct result from the provided list.

Remind me: Set a time for a reminder if applicable.
Add a description or attach documents: Type in any description or details of the meeting.

Tip: To make the appointment Private (preventing anyone else who has permission to view your calendar to see the contents, except the attendees and your specified delegates), select the Busy drop-down located on the top menu of the meeting window and then select Private.

Response options: Select whether you would like responses from the attendees to the invitation, whether to permit attendees forwarding the invite or to hide the attendee list.

Categorise: Set from your list of defined categories if required.
Busy: Select whether you would like to show within the calendar that the time booked for this meeting has been set to Busy. If you are creating an all-day event as a reminder, you may wish to consider changing this setting to Free.

3. Once you have completed the necessary details, select Send. An invitation will be sent to each specified attendee and the meeting will be created.

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